Modernizing Islam Education

The passing away of the Epochal period of fourteen centuries of the Islamic History, and the appearance of the ambiguous, unsure horizons of the 15th century, bears a specific alternatively splendid conventional importance for the Muslims. The starting of fifteenth century is seemed as the start of a few incredible revolution in the global. The Muslims hence, each in the mild of the triumphing circumstances inside the world, and in the expectation of the change in the mild of the relative prophecies of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam, have chalked up a fifteenth century programme.

Their programme, but in phrase and spirit is exactly the echo of the renaissance of the West 3 centuries ago. The distinction best being, that while the West HAMKA then had a thoughts to rid themselves of the trends of their faith, Christianity, the heart of the Muslims at gift overflow with honest desire of reviving Islam and blending the spirit of that religion with the contemporary progress, and superimposing the faith at the worldly development.

Progress being the important thing-notice of the 15th century programme of Muslims. It is the development which they’ve given out as the sole remedy of all their ills, science being the prerequisite of progress, has acquired primary attention. Their survival inside the international and a first rate region inside the brother-hood of countries, and the important energy to protect their rights, lands and honor are all to be visible by way of them in a single phrase, that is development. Their slogans, but, specifically, “Regaining the past glory of Muslims”, appears to be questionable in itself. It isn’t the consideration, however Islam itself, that must be the fundamental object. Glory comes routinely in the wake within the presence of proper Islam and a actual glory certainly. More critical even is the necessity of finding out the real view of the Quran about this modern atomistic progress as it is. Whether Islam condemns or permits this sort of development, is the question.

And nevertheless more vital is the belief of the view of the Quran about the atomic phenomenon and its manifestations: the atomic bomb and the atomic radiations. Whether the Quran regards the atomic bomb as the weapon of struggle, or whether it’s miles appeared by the Quran because the atomic hell that looks as retribution for sure evils, and is the wrath of Allah, is some other question.

And additionally there may be the need of understanding whether Islam should probable be combined with this particular type of progress, or whether or not faith can be superimposed upon any such tradition as this Baconian atomistic materialistic one, or whether any opportunity of a compromise among the Quran and this modern progress exists is but another query. The Muslims, unluckily, after they speak of the Western Apostatize culture, they’ve of their view the moral and ethical issue handiest of that lifestyle, and the materialistic element is neglected absolutely as one in keeping with the teachings and spirit of Islam. And when they think about Islam, they suppose simplest of the theological, moral and divine components of the Quran, again ignoring the anti-Baconian view of that ebook.

Hence the misfortune. Whereto will this fifteenth Century programme as it is (of progress) lead the Islamic global, regardless of the sincerest dreams and most strenuous efforts of the Muslims for the revival of Islam is another query? The answer is quite apparent. It will take them precisely to the factor whereto the relaxation of the modern countries could be carried namely, to the atomic hell. Apart from the query whether or not Islam might be promulgated in to to or in reality inside the presence of this Baconian development, another query is whether Islam even in to and in truth ought to save this world or the Muslims from the atomic annihilation in the presence of this Baconian development. The answer is a curt and pert no. There isn’t any reason to assume in any other case. Again is it right to think that in case the Muslims professed and practiced Islam, their death and destruction in atomic battle or via atomic radiations of atomic-power-for-peace can be seemed as moral and consequently no longer to be taken into consideration? The answer is a clean no. For the advent of atomic phenomenon and its manifestations this is the atomic bombs and atomic radiations on this world is naturally the result of the identical causes which are given out via the Quran because the evils that rendered anyone, believer or a non-believer, at risk of the punishment of the hell of Hotama; and eternal hell in the subsequent global, wherein the inf