Mastering Animation Lessons Can Lead You to the Success You Dream Of

So we’ve all seen them, there are plenty อ่านมังงะ of good anime series out there. Unfortunately, we’ve all see bad ones too. What exactly makes a good anime? Can you even really answer that question? I mean, a good anime just depends on the person, right? Someone who loves action anime will hail an action anime above all else, but someone who likes romance anime will think that the action anime is no good. Well. I like all sorts of different anime, in all sorts of different genres, so I’m going to let you guys know what I think makes an anime great.

First and foremost, story line! In order for any anime, or story in general, to be successful, it has to have a good story line. This goes for movies, novels, and whatever else you can think of! It’s sad to see that so many anime series nowadays try to put together a loose story line and call it good. This is something that takes time and effort to do. For instance, Log Horizon has one of the best story lines I could ever ask for. Periodically the viewer must stay involved with each episode in order to see this story progress. It’s a beautiful thing. Now, the king of story is probably Fate Stay Night. Though it appears complicated on the surface, the series has a well established story that it sticks to beautifully. The story line is what is going to keep the viewers interested, it’s what makes us get absorbed into the series, which brings us to our next subject!

Characters! What’s as important as the story? Characters! The anime series has to have characters that are lovable or relate-able in order t survive. We have to have a connection with the main character(s) so they we can indulge ourselves into this fantasy world. There are so many different ways to make a character I won’t even go into it, but I’d say the most notable turning point is development. The characters in an anime have to have some sense of development, of growing, otherwise, we realize that we are simply staring at a screen. We want to know that the characters have grown. A perfect example, though not an anime, is The Walking Dead. Look at current Rick Grimes compares to season 1 Rick, wow! That is an extreme case over the course of several seasons, but still. That is what we are looking for, growth… or craziness, whatever works.

Now you have the story, you have the characters, now what? Some might say that you need a good bad guy. True, you do need a good bad guy. Someone who is going to challenge the good guy to make him better. My favorite bad guy is that of Gurren Lagann, because the bad guy really isn’t that bad of a guy. If you’ve seen the series, you know what I mean. Now a bad example of a bad guy would be Full Metal Panic, where the good guy defeats him over, and over, and over again. It gets boring. Of course, the extreme opposite is a new bad guy every episode like Ushio to Tora. It works for some, but not many. It gets annoying, same stuff every turn. So a good anime should mix things up.

Now I’m not one to nitpick on the elephant in the room, but animation is important. Almost every die hard anime person would say that the actual animation doesn’t matter. It’s like gamers, they say the game is beyond the graphics. I agree, but lovely animation helps out a ton. Take Neon Genesis Evangelion, the series is great. However, after watching the beautiful animation of the rebuilds, it’s hard to go back. It just helps with indulging the viewer whenever it looks nice.