A Pump That Works Without Electricity, Diesel Or Fuel – No External Or Internal Drive Motor Needed

Progressive Breakthrough Technology

The Kinetic Impulse Gravity Pump utilizes gravity feed innovation to siphon water without utilizing an outer drive engine of any sort. That is right: presently you can siphon water 24 hours per day for 365 days every year without stressing over electric or gas bills.

What does it cost you to run your pool siphon consistently? By introducing your K.I.G. siphon you can run your pool channel nonstop, with all your extra water highlights in your nursery and your pool. Guaranteeing your pool is continued to shimmer clean, with the utilization of your cleaning synthetic substances. Envision having the option to do all of this without agonizing over any electric bills. A similar applies for your K.O.I. lake or dam.
What does it cost your business to siphon away all the abundance water? Ideal for Mining, Quarrying, Brick and Mortar organizations. All the overabundance water that leaks through from your water table and blocks your creation, can be taken out 24 hours every day with your Caterpillar Final Drive Motors K.I.G. Siphon. Keeping your functioning region dry, for you to zero in on your creation. Which means less personal time and an increment in efficiency.
Imagine a scenario where it costs you nothing to top off your supply dams and water your properties or fields. The K.I.G siphon is great for moving water from a stream or a dam, to your holding dams, tanks or supplies. Presently you never need to run out of water, when you really want to flood or inundate your territories or fields. Ensuring all of your drinking box have a persistent stockpile of new water. Abundance water can be recycled or delivered once more into the wild (waterway or dam).
Save money on this large number of continuous month to month expenses by introducing a Kinetic Impulse Gravity siphon to move your water to where you really want it most.
K.I.G. Siphons are fabricated to customer particulars, contingent upon volumes as well as strain necessities. Details are additionally changed to suite the Chemical and Petroleum Industries.